Diversity in Beauty - Vinyl Cladding

Form Follows Functions
According to the US census Bureau Vinyl Cladding is the most popular external wall material used in the USA today. 33% of all new homes build in 2012 in the USA used Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding has been tested by time to be durable, in extreme climates as in Canada, USA and Australia. Vinyl cladding with thermal foam and foil insulation

Good Looking
Whether it is the Hamptons, Country style, Beach or Modern, Vinyl Cladding will improve your home in looks and versatility.

Diversity in Beauty
The range of colours and profiles make us spoilt for choice. So that our house can be as individual as we are.

Boost Curb Appeal
When the time comes to sell, real estate agents will tell you the most important thing is Curb Appeal. Many people thinking of touring your home will do a quick drive by first often deciding whether to inspect or not.
Yes, the biggest lure to prospective buyers is the exterior to your home. Some real estate agents will even tell you that the decision to buy or not to buy is determined by the exterior even before the prospective buyer, have stepped into the house.

What does Your home say about you?
Maintenance free? Clean? In good condition?

Recommendations From CS Cladding
After your home has received it 's face lift from our company, do not forget to add your own finishing touches to complete your home beautification and individuality.

We will do all the main work you just need to add your individual style to make it amazing. Some little things to complete your style: 

  • Large house numbers 
  • Individual Front Door 
  • Letter Box
  • Potted plants