How’s the Serenity?

I started this article off by looking for a quote to use for the title. There are literally hundreds ‘House or Home’ quotations and interestingly most involve our emotions.

After reading many ‘Home Sweet Home’ quotes I started to think about the different homes I have lived in. First, being my childhood home a Blond Brick & Tile Home in the Leafy suburb of Cromer on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Next thing I’m my 10-year self… flying down the road which was a massive hill outside our house on a yellow & green go-cart with my three brothers watching and cheering me on!! I found myself smiling and I couldn’t help but think where was my mother while her wild children were playing on the road? Anyway, I’ll bring that up with my therapist later.

After my little trip down memory lane I realised there is no doubt that we become very attached to our homes and the memories of the good times we had there. We all have the need for a place to call home, and our homes provide a sense of security, control, belonging, identity and privacy among other things.

Some Sydney siders are literally obsessed with the property market and the value of our home and we will often hear the saying “it’s the largest investment we will ever make!” However, our home is so much more "There is pretty strong evidence that the environment in which people live is closely linked to their well-being," says Graham Rowles, a Gerontology professor at the University of Kentucky.

Here are two areas worth thinking about to increase the value of your home, increase our homes curb appeal and keep on top of home maintenance:

External walls:

The first thing most people will notice about your home is usually the external walls. Keeping on top of painting timber or fibro homes is vital for them to look fresh modern and appealing. As an option to ongoing painting costs - recladding your home with such products as Duratuff thermal insulated cladding will give you the bonus of the look of freshly painted timber and boosting the interior comfort levels with foam and foil insulation.

Windows and Doors

Your homes windows and doors can make a major difference in how stylish your home looks. Replacing old doors or windows can also make your home more energy efficient, reduce outside sound transmission, increase the security and comply with the current Building Code.

If our home is not only our largest investment but truly has the ability to be linked to our very well-being… it’s really is worth taking timeout to get expert advice on how best to renovate and maintain our home.

After the Modern, Beach, Cottage or Hamptons style?

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