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Everlast Cladding

Stronghold Everlast Cladding is is designed and manufactured in Australian particularly to withstand the Australian climate

Coverage 253mm
Champher Board Profile with CFC Free Insulation

9 designer pre-finished colours 

Exceptionally strong and durable Everlast has an attractive gloss timber appearance as well as being highly UV resistant.

• No paint needed – save on maintenance
• 100% Colour Depth – colour won’t scratch off
• Flame resistant – peace of mind
• Corrosion, rot and termite proof – durable and long lasting
• Easy maintenance – a simple wash from time to time
• First cost is last cost – count your savings for years to come
• Designed to meet AS/NZS 4257.1, AS/NZS 4257.6, AS/NZS 4257.7 and AS/NZS 4257.8

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